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A mind-body wellness group

led by Kristen Milliron, LCSW and Neil Rasmussen, LMT

This group is for individuals who experience anxiety to come together and discuss their shared experiences. This group is open to individuals with any type of anxiety. You will have a safe space to discuss your personal struggles and learn coping strategies. Anxiety management strategies will include mindfulness, breathing 

techniques, and self-awareness exercises based in psychosocial therapy. 


  • Community sessions with open conversation

  •  Facilitated group support for anxiety with directed coping strategies

  • Weekly takeaways and between-group "homework" to hone your skills

  • Group size limited to 8 individuals


When: Tuesdays, 12:10-12:50pm

Dates: Oct 5, Oct 12,

               Oct 19, Oct 26, November 2, November 9.

Where: The Facility Cherry Creek

Cost: Drop-In Session, $25

Series: If you commit to the 6-week series, you get a package rate at $125. 

Sign Up: Reserve Your Spot 

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Each week, Kristen and Neil will be there to help guide conversation, build awareness, and introduce lessons in mind-body wellness. The Overcoming Anxiety Group sessions are designed to build a community of support and accountability among peers. The structure will remain similar, but every session will be flexible to the needs and attitudes of the collective group. 



Kristen Milliron, LCSW, Mental Health Therapist has extensive background in crisis care and individual cognitive behavioral therapy. Anxiety and Managing Overwhelm are common themes she helps her patients overcome. 



Neil Rasmussen, LMT, Integrated Bodyworker and Mindfulness Coach sees daily habits and self-awareness as a foundation for unlocking mental blocks. He brings his intuitive approach to mind-body wellness. 


Do I have to attend all 6 sessions? You can attend any or all of the 6 week sessions.

Is the Wellness Group a replacement for seeing a licensed healthcare professional? This group is structured as a support group not individual therapy. This group may be attended along with support you are getting from a licensed professional. If you feel you need more 1:1

support please reach out to The Facility staff about getting more information on individual therapy.

Is the Wellness Group considered “Group Therapy?” The wellness group does not provide group therapy. Our group offers facilitated peer

support. The goal of a facilitated peer support group is to help you cope, by connecting with others facing similar situations.


How can the Wellness Group help me? Our wellness group brings together people who are facing common life issues and challenges.

You are not alone! Participants exchange practical tips and sessions will include helpful, research-based information. By comparing notes with others, you will have a better perspective on your situation and will be better able to manage it.


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS.. Send us an Email! 

$25 drop-in fee
$125 complete 6-week program

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