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Fitness Instructor / "Fit Pro"
Foundational Wellness Program -

Advanced functional labs, comprehensive wellness review, and high-level functional care you can count on.

>> exclusively for fitness instructors and other 'fit pros' in the industry <<

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The Facility Functional Medicine Team you know.

A care team you KNOW and can count on. We'll act as your primary health providers, ordering annual labs and taking the time to explain the results. Plus, you'll have access to us year-round as new health questions or challenges arise. We're passionate about changing the model of healthcare- starting with preventative (ie: comprehensive) screenings and honest feedback about nutrition & lifestyle habits. 

Powders and Grains

Are You...

> frustrated with the conventional care model and lack of access to testing/care?
> a fitness instructor
 looking for regular wellness care from a team you trust? 
> searching for proactive healthcare that incorporates diet & lifestyle habits over medications?

...we did this for you.

What's Included?

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Additional Perks :

  • Personalized Supplement, Nutrition, and Lifestyle recommendations in a detailed 'wellness plan' PDF

  • Optional Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) access for advanced metrics

  • Quarterly check-in survey from a Health Coach

  • 10% off supplements ordered through our online dispensaries

  • $100 off Follow-Up Appointments (as needed, with the FM Team)

Program Cost :
$800 (one-time payment)

The FitPro Program Breakdown:

  • (1) Comprehensive Bioscreen at LabCorp, $340 Value

  • (1) 90-Minute Wellness Appointment/Lab Review

  • (1) 60-Minute Physical Medicine / Chiropractic Appointment

  • (4) Quarterly Check-In Surveys

Extra Perks:

  • Discounted Add-on Sessions, as needed

    • Functional Medicine Progress Check, $200 / 45-Minutes (30% savings)

    • Health Coach Check-In, $50/30-Minutes (30% savings)

  • 10% Discount on supplements 

Balancing Rocks

We're so excited to join together in a team-based approach to help YOU!

Ready to Get Started?
Book a 15-min FitPro Onboarding Call to get set-up for your labs and first appointment! 

Have other questions? 
Send us an email and we'll connect directly. 

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