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Join Us Friday, October 15 at 7pm For

Music, Meditation and Mala Making


We will come together as a collective small group, welcomed as you are with space to heal and explore. Our intent is facilitating self-discovery for your needs at this time in your life.

This two-part event will start with 30 minutes of live gentle electric guitar music and synchronized body scanning meditation. You will tune in and optimize your mind-body connection through meditative guidance and the support of healing guitar vibrations.


We will then transition to our Mala Making experience with intention, using our meditative experience to envision the meaningful necklace we are creating. This Mala will be inherently special, but also a symbol of this amazing time of life. Please reach out with any questions! 


  • Live Music & Guided Body Scan Meditation​​​

  • Handmade Mala to take home

    • with instructions & all Mala supplies, including your choice from a variety of healing stone beads

  • Manifestation Space & Facilitation



  • Healthy Snacks, Elixers & Tea

  • Peace & Heart-centered Presence

Image by Slashio Photography

            Parry Matte             

  Guitar Teacher, Music Creative, Happy Spirit   



Come Join Us for Fun and Healing Vibes

     Samantha Hogue    

  Mala Artist, Yoga Instructor, Lover of Life 


       Neil Rasmussen      

  Clinical Mind-Body Therapist, Old Soul  


Do I need previous experience with meditation or Mala making? No, this event is open to all experience levels in meditation and creative design. Sam will teach you everything you need for making the Mala, while Parry and Neil will guide your meditative experience with ease.

What is a Mala? A Mala is a beaded necklace with 108 beads in the primary strand and a few optional beads with a tassel. This comes from ancient cultures (primarily Buddhism and Hinduism) and has been a sacred symbol, energetic aid and meditation tool for millennia. It can be worn throughout your day to remind, assist and anchor to your intentions, or perhaps as a beautiful beaded piece of asthetic jewelry. We will talk more at the event about different ways to use in your personal practices and life.  

Do I need to bring anything? All Mala supplies, and filtered water, tea and light snacks will be provided for you. Come with an open mind and heart, this is all you need!


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS.. Send us an Email! 

Yoga Teacher
 Sign Up Below 

$75 before October 7
$95 before October 15

Limited to 12 participants

Mala Making Workshop
Mala Making Workshop
Oct 15, 2021, 7:00 PM
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