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Massage Therapy


Bodywork Treatments are particularly effective in alleviating physical pains, treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders and injuries, and reducing the stresses of modern life.

Our massage therapist uses a variety of techniques which will be individualized based on preference and goals. This includes Myofascial release, Fire Cupping, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue modalities.

Neil incorporates mindfulness practice into every bodywork session including breathing techniques, HeartMath, and meditation. 

Initial Massage 

90 mins


Nancy C.

 I really enjoyed learning new techniques and philosophies about how to gain strength to support injured or weak muscles and joints.  Neil is a great listener and used his knowledge to develop a plan that was tailored to my specific goals and issues.  He helped me incorporate new knowledge and exercises into my everyday life, my athletic activities, and my ongoing workouts. 

About Neil 

Neil is an intuitive body care practitioner. He is an integrated mindfulness coach, licensed massage therapist, and functional range movement specialist. He combines massage technique with fire cupping and adds in a bit of meditative breath work. 

Outside of the Facility, Neil enjoys exploring the mountains barefoot, foraging for mushrooms and edible wild plants, and training his grip and stamina for adventure racing. 

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