WATER: Potable, Filtered, Pure?

by Katelyn Daugherty, M.S. and Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC, CFMP, FRC-ms

Drinking fresh, pure water is one of the very best things you can do for your overall health.

But for most of us, especially here in Denver, we’re subjected to city tap water laden with toxic chemicals, pollutants, metals, and so much more.

The problem with our drinking water is two-fold. There is lack of filtering out of environmental toxins (prescription medications, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) that accumulate in the supply. On top of that, the water is treated with chemicals (typically chlorine) to kill bacteria and viruses.

(Ever noticed that chlorine taste/smell in tap water..?)

Local water municipalities have no responsibility in filtering out things in the water supply. Meaning: they are responsible for keeping the water potable and preventing short term sickness; but they don’t account for long-term chronic illness that comes from accumulated toxins.

There are trace amounts of prescription medications, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals found in most water supplies. Anything exposed to the environment can seep into ground water, into public supply, and then into your body.

We’re subjected to city tap water laden with toxic chemicals, pollutants, metals, and so much more.

The EWG provides extensive testing data according to zip code. Check out yours here.

Here’s the report for DENVER:

  • Contaminants detected above health guidelines = 10: Arsenic, Bromodichloromethane, Chloroform, Dibromoacetic acid, Dibromochloromethane, Dichloroacetic acid, Haloacetic acids, Radium, TTHMs, Trichloroacetic acid.

  • Other detected contaminants within “acceptable” levels (but honestly, I want NONE of this in my body!): 2,4-D, Androstenedione, Antimony, Barium, Berylllium, Bromoform, Cadmium, Chlorodifluoromethane, Chromium, Flouride, Molybdenum, Monobromoacetic acid, Monochloroacetic acid, Nitrate, Nitrite, Selenium, Strontium, Thallium, Uranium, Vanadium

Our water is potable: but that doesn't mean good for you.

Not included in the contaminants report are the heavy metals like mercury, lead, and aluminium. Denver Water has known significant amount of LEAD. In 2012, test results indicated lead levels above the EPA’s “action level.” They responded by informing customers and doing further investigation.The majority of lead in Denver’s water supply comes from lead pipelines and lead plumbing in homes.

Eight years later, in January of 2020, Denver Water launched a Lead Reduction Program.

This a 15-year campaign to “Get The Lead Out.” There is no specific timeline for when service lines will be replaced. In the meantime, Denver water provided customers a free pitcher and filter to use for drinking and cooking until six months after the service line is replaced. (Which, theoretically, could be 14 years from now…)

What to do about it?

As with many things in health, you have to take responsibility into your own hands. The very best thing you can do is to filter the water before the city water line reaches your house. This ensures all water that comes out of a faucet is clean. This could be something like a reverse osmosis and remineralization system.

However, this isn’t feasible for all residents - especially if you’re budgeting, in a temporary living situation (renting), or don’t plan on living in your house for long term.

The next solution that we recommend is a Berkey counter top filter.

The Berkey Water Filter isn’t a filter at all.. it’s a water purification system because it removes 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. Independent research shows that the Berkey water system removes 99.9% of:

  • Viruses (most water filters don’t)

  • Bacteria (including E. coli)

  • Heavy metals (like lead and mercury)

  • Chlorine

  • Arsenic

  • Prescription medications (including acetaminophen, BPA, and progesterone)

You can TASTE the difference in this water. Next time you’re in the clinic, mosey over to our Berkey in the lobby and see for yourself. [There’s no going back]

Water Purification at its Finest

The Berkey Purification System removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites entirely AND extracts harmful chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and solvents. It reduces (by 95%) nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

In a classic test, the Berkey system removes food coloring from water! (Don’t believe me? Test it yourself… Pour red colored water in the top and see clear, pure, water come out the bottom)

How It Works

The black Berkey filters are made from a combination of media. They exceed EPA log 7 ANSI / NSF protocols for filtration (a fancy way of saying they are rated as water PURIFIERS, not just filters). These elements are responsible for filtering bacteria and viruses to a 99.999% level. Plus, they remove up to 95% of lead, mercury, and MTBEs. As a bonus add-on, the PF-2 filters remove flouride and arsenic to undetectable levels.

Here is how the Big Berkey Water Filter Systems Work Without getting too complex, several methodologies are utilized by the Black Berkey purification elements. The elements are composed of a formulation of more than a half dozen different media types constructed into a very fine matrix creating millions of micro-fine pores. The pores are so small that pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, sediment and sedimentary minerals are not able to pass through them. The media formulation both “absorbs” some contaminates and “adsorbs” other contaminates. Next, heavy metals ions (mineral molecules) are extracted through an Ion exchange process where they are essentially electrically bonded to the media. Finally, our filter elements are designed such that each water molecule can take several minutes to pass through the filter elements whereas these molecules passing through other filtration systems pass through those filters in literally microseconds. The longer the water molecules are in contact with any media, the greater the removal of the various contaminates. – BigBerkeyWaterFilters.com

Where to get one?

Berkey Filters are made in Manitou Springs, Colorado. After months of out-of-stock notices, they're back!! You can order yours now, it'll come shipped to your door.

Good news: The Berkey Holiday Sale is on NOW! Save up to 30% on Berkey Filters Bundles. PLUS there will be doorbuster deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Woohoo!

What about pure water on-the-go?

If packing your own Berkey-purified water in a stainless steel or glass container isn’t an option the best thing you can do is look for mineral water in a glass container. Some good brands to look for are Gerolsteiner, Mountain Valley, Topo Chico, and Pelligrino.


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