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Aaron Nelson, CPT

Personal Trainer

Aaron is a corrective exercise specialist with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. With personal training clients, he uses a mix of bodyweight training, weight training, mobility, endurance, and performance-focused movements.

His diversified knowledge of movement training has come from hands-on experience with clients in all stages of life. (He’s done 2500+ training sessions!) Aaron’s success comes from his underlying philosophy: expose a weakness and improve upon it, over and over. This helps avoid plateaus and ultimately improve overall fitness potential.

Aaron creates training plans to fit your goal; whether that is to excel at heavy lifting, sprinting/ sport-specific training, or simply to avoid injury in everyday tasks like raking leaves and carrying groceries. His clients have seen dramatic transformations in body composition, weight loss, and self-confidence. Aaron’s cueing and nervous system potentiation helps to expand range of motion and stability within that range of motion.

When he’s not training clients in the gym (or working on his own bod) you can find Aaron out on a trail hiking or running. He’s a rare native Coloradan and knows all the best trails in the state!

Aaron Nelson, CPT
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