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TeleHealth: Functional Medicine

For patients outside of the Denver area, our Telemedicine service allows us to connect together securely and virtually via an online wellness consultation by way of either a video or phone meeting.

Using a secure Telehealth platform for online wellness consultation we can discuss current treatment or questions regarding care. This visit can lead-in to a full functional medicine care plan. The online wellness consult is designed for those patients looking for a second opinion, curious about care options, or to determine if The Facility is a good fit for on-going care.

The initial online wellness consult will follow much the same format as an in-person visit. However, there are certain limitations that apply to virtual clients. You will be asked to sign a consent form which clearly states that we are not diagnosing you; and that our role as Telehealth providers is to give suggestions/provide education regarding your metabolic concerns. We ask that you complete new patient paperwork, including history and submission of medical records. During the video (or phone) meeting, our clinicians will work up a complete history and ask directed questions about physical and mental symptomatology.

For more information see the NEW TELEHEALTH CLIENT page

Please note that our clinicians and holistic medicine practitioner staff are unable to diagnose as a part of this consultation. However, we can provide testing recommendations and opinions for you to discuss with your current treating clinician.

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