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Have you dreamt of climbing one of Colorado's Highest Mountains?

Join us for this 16-week program to train and prep for the ultimate adventure up Grays Peak on August 28,2021. We'll provide education, motivation, and support to help YOU do something incredible! 


 Your lungs will burn, your legs will ache, you will have self-doubt, but with the community’s support you will make it to the highpoint. We have put together this program to help you prepare for one of the greatest hikes in the country (and it’s right in our backyard).

You will learn:

-how to  set SMART goals  

-fueling tips for hiking 

- 14er essentials list

-breath work for altitude

-training for 14ers 

While much of the training will be done on your own, we’ll be in touch every week with tips, periodization, and expanded lessons in movement and nutrition to keep you motivated and progressing.


Throughout the training program, you’ll get exclusive discounts on services at The Facility to keep your body and mind in peak performance mode. 


Hiking the formidable high country is no joke, but with proper preparation and determination we know YOU can do this! This coming August we (The Facility and gang) are gathering together with our community to hike one of Colorado’s most incredible: Grays Peak


In order to prepare for this physical (and mental) feat we have put together checkpoints and assistance to maximize your effort in reaching the epic 360 degree mountain-top views upon reaching 14,279 feet above sea level.


-Grays Peak Ascent: August 28

-Red Rocks Workouts: May 15, June 19, July 17, August 14 (Saturdays, 9am)

-Mobility Class: June 5, 12, 26, July 10, 24, 31, August 7, 21 (Saturdays, 9am, at The Facility)

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Image by Holly Mandarich


  • Guided Hike Experience up Grays Peak on August 28, 2021 with The Facility Team 

  • 14er Experience Manual (20+page PDF)- This guide provides the ultimate how-to for climbing Colorado's Highest Peaks. Inside you'll find hiking resources, goal setting worksheets, nutrition for hiking, an introduction to breath work, local hiking trails, strength training guidelines, essential packing list, and more.

  • Bi-weekly education that gets delivered to your inbox. Including lectures, expanded lessons, and live Q&A sessions with Kate and Neil. 


  • Monthly Bootcamp Workouts led by Neil at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater


  • Ongoing support emails with expanded nutrition, training, and mindset lessons

  • Exclusive discount for Neil's Weekly "Joint Maintenance" Mobility Class on Saturday Mornings at the Facility

  • LIVE Q&A Sessions with Kate and Neil and other community hikers to address training and nutrition

  • 10% Discount on services (Chiropractic, Rehab, Massage) at The Facility for the duration of the program 



I moved to Colorado after college, mostly drawn in by the Colorado Mountains. I’ve climbed 39/54 14ers and continue adding to my list every summer! Hiking is a lifelong passion outside of my nutrition practice. 


Meet Neil, Kate, and Aaron who will be with you throughout the program to answer questions, offer support, and keep you motivated towards the end goal of summiting.



Mountains are my meditation. I enjoy trail running and obstacle racing. High-altitude training helps me perform above the rest. I contribute a lot of my success to my mindset and off-trail mindful habits. 

AaronNelson-personal trainer.HEIC


I’m a rare Colorado native, so the mountains are my playground. If you want to know all the secret hidden spots, I’ve got them. I enjoy off-trail bouldering and mountaineering, and my training in the gym reflects that. 


I can’t hike on August 28, Is this challenge still for me? We encourage you to have some end goal in mind. If you can’t be there on August 28, is there another date you can get a group together to tackle a BIG hike? Then, yes, this challenge can be for you. You’ll get the resources, training, and education you need to accomplish a major hike by the end of the summer. There will be plenty of opportunity to be a part of the community and learn alongside of us during this 16-week program. 


I’ve never hiked a 14er, Can I join this? ABSOLUTELY! We’re passionate about sharing this experience of hiking with folks who never have (or never thought they could) climb a fourteener. This program is meant for inexperienced hikers to provide adequate 


I’m not sure I’m physically capable? What if I don’t make it? That’s why we’re here to support you! 16-weeks is a long time to get ready, if you follow along and commit to the training you’ll be physically capable. The August 28th hike is as much about the adventure and experience as it is about reaching the summit. We’ll have lead and back-up guides to ensure no one is left behind. 


Can I participate if I’m not a patient at The Facility? Yes! This is a great opportunity to learn more about WHAT we do at The Facility and WHY we do what we do. Functional health is about optimizing your body so you can DO the things you want to do, indoors and outdoors! 


Are there opportunities for out of towners? This is geared towards the local community in Denver. You won’t get many of the benefits of the program if you can’t participate in monthly workouts, weekly mobility, and additional bodycare services at The Facility. There is an option to purchase the 14er Guide on its own if you just want a manual for 14er prep!


Do I need 4wd? The road up to Grays Peak is rough terrain. You’ll need a high-clearance AWD or 4WD vehicle to access the hike. However, if you’re joining this challenge we’ll meet day of and make sure everyone has a secure ride to the trailhead. 

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS.. Send us an Email! 

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