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  • How is Functional Medicine different than my normal doctor?
    Functional Medicine is a more holistic approach to wellness. Instead of focusing on single symptoms, we look at your body as a complete system. Everything is connected - Everything matters - Everybody is different. We are able to spend more time getting to know YOU and helping you understand how to be healthy.
  • Does insurance cover Functional Medicine?
    We are out-of-network for all insurance networks. It is unlikely that functional medicine consults and advanced lab tests are covered by your insurance. We are happy to provide a receipt for services that you can submit for possible reimbursement.
  • How does Lab Testing Work?
    The majority of lab testing is typically done at home, but blood work will also need to be completed at a phlebotomy center. We will direct you to the appropriate clinic depending on the labs that are ordered. Payment is made directly to The Facility according to our negotiated practitioner pricing. We will recommend very specific tests for you following an Initial Functional Medicine Visit. After your review, we will input lab orders and give further instruction on completion.
  • How much should I expect to invest on lab testing?
    Functional Medicine care will typically require in-depth comprehensive laboratory analysis using both conventional and functional lab testing. Please be aware that insurance will likely not cover many of the labs ordered from specialized companies like Genova, Diagnostic Solutions, DUTCH, and Cyrex. Testing is something that will be discussed in detail at your initial appointment with recommendations made on an individual basis.
  • Does The Facility offer financing?
    We do not offer traditional financing for Functional Medicine and Physical Medicine care plans. We do our best to work within your means to create a payment plan that works for you.
  • Should I expect follow-up testing?
    We suggest follow-up testing on a case-by-case basis. Often, we can utilize proxy markers or isolated panels to re-assess after intervention. This keeps your out of pocket expense lower, so you can focus on investing in treatment! For ongoing care, we find that a Comprehensive BioScreen is a useful annual "wellness" lab for assessing baseline health. Think of this as routine bloodwork your Primary Care Physician would run.
  • Can I order tests without follow-up care?
    We see the best outcomes with directed guidance following lab testing. We do not offer testing outside of Functional Medicine care. As clinicians, we want the best for you and this is the model that allows us to see that through.
  • What supplements do you recommend?
    We regularly recommend a variety of supplements from certified and qualified companies. We look for products that are made with superior ingredients and have been extensively researched and tested. We look for highly effective supplements in therapeutic doses to support your body’s metabolism and nutrient absorption. We are happy to discuss specific supplement recommendations as part of a functional medicine consultation, ensuring you are educated about the best product for you. You can shop our online dispensary here.
  • What are Dr. Rasmussen's credentials and training?
    Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in the state of Colorado. He completed his doctoral education at Northwestern Health Sciences University. He is fully certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP), having completed over 300 hours of formal functional medicine coursework. Beyond this, he has additionally completed more than 200 hours of Functional Immunology coursework; and has plans to complete a Masters of Science degree in Biochemistry- with goals of someday teaching other clinicians. Read Dr. Rasmussen's full bio here.
  • What are Kate's credentials and training?
    Kate Daugherty holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. Her undergraduate degree is in Neuroscience from Washington and Lee University. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) through the American Nutrition Academy, a particular distinction that allows her to practice therapeutic nutrition. Read more about the CNS credential here. Kate has completed coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and is working towards her certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. Read Kate's full bio here.
  • Do you see patients outside of Colorado?
    Yes! We are able to see you via Telehealth for Functional Medicine. We have patients all over the country, and most labs can be completed remotely*. Note that as a distance patient, we will provide coaching and advice but you are not considered under the medical direction of a physician. *There are limitations in New York and New Jersey for lab testing; but we are able to provide referals as needed.
  • I’m ready to get started, what are the next steps?
    If you are ready to make your initial visit, please visit our Online Booking Site or call the clinic (303) 474-4811 to schedule. To schedule a free consultation with our patient coordinator prior to the first visit, call us or email
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