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How It Works 

Chances are you heard about us from a friend, a co-worker, a family member, a stranger.... and they couldn't really describe WHAT we do. "Just go see them." So, here's our chance to pitch it. What do we do? We listen. We advocate. We investigate. Whatever challenges you have going on, we take the time to peel it back and get closer to the heart of the issue. Sometimes that means advanced testing, sometimes that means dietary change, and sometimes that means simply slowing down so you can breathe. We're not trying to fix you; we're interested in educating you to be an expert on your own health. So you can live longer, live happier, and live better. 

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The New Patient Process

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Phone Consult (optional)

We offer a free 15-minute phone consult prior to the initial appointment to ask specific questions about our process, our experience, and anything else you need to know. This isn't required, and you CAN skip straight to booking.

If you're not a phone person, but you've still got questions: email us.


Initial Visit

Your initial functional medicine visit is a 90-minute appointment with a functional medicine doctor AND a functional nutritionist. We'll spend time talking through your history, your current challenges, and your goals. Following this visit, you'll get specific testing recommendations and an extensive summary from our discussion.


Follow-Up Testing + Care

We will outline exactly which tests we want to run and the next 4-6 months of care. We're investing our time into your education, and we know it takes a commitment on your end as well. We structure follow-up in this way because we understand that healing isn't linear. We'll be here supporting and guiding you both in and out of appointment times.

Price Transparency

We get it. "Functional Medicine is an investment in your health." "You've got to pay for personalized attention." "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." All those fancy sayings to justify the out of pocket expense. It's already stressful enough to not feel well, we can at least be up-front about what it costs. | We're not salespeople, we're clinicians. | See our typical costs here>

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Looking for a general health "check in" with lab work? 
Our Wellness Membership might be a better fit...

Get to Know Us

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC, CFMP + Kate Daugherty, MS, CNS

The best way to get to know how we work is to explore our educational content. We're frequently updating our blog and our social media with posts on a range of health topics. Otherwise, explore our clinical background below or check out FAQs here

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Send us a message right here! We'll reach out to you to discuss Functional Medicine and other services at The Facility. 

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