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Physical Rehab Denver CO.HEIC

Chiropractic, Movement + Physical Rehab

Our approach to physical medicine is about helping you in the 'NOW' to allow you to do the things you love long term. Whether that's running an ultramarathon, shredding gnarly turns, or simply playing with your grandkids; we will always keep your goals in mind. 


Learning the WHY is important. We'll address the current pain, while educating on how to prevent injury in the future.  As with everything at The Facility, you should expect to become the expert on your own health. 

Every treatment is personalized to you- and all aspects of your care will be relational and collaborative. 

"You deserve healthcare that is relational, collaborative, and centered on YOU."

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What is collaborative care?

This means the doctor-patient relationship is built on collaboration. It's not about me telling you what to do; I'm relying on your input to determine the best strategy. Some questions you can expect me to ask when addressing injury or pain include: 

>> What is realistic FOR YOU?

>> What are YOUR GOALS?

>> What are your non-negotiables & what are you willing to change?


We'll work together to develop a treatment plan that moves you closer to health, realistically. You are the driver, I am the navigator. 

Physical Medicine / Rehab Services


Running-Related Injury

Are you a competitive runner or just a washed up athlete looking to stay in shape? - I get it. Let me help keep you on the road (or the trail). We'll look at gait mechanics, strengthening or mobility exercises, and periodization. 


Injury Prevention

Best way to get over an injury? Don't let it happen in the first place. Ok, but really, I care about injury prevention to limit a REOCCURRENCE of what you've already been through. 


Mountain Athletics

Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Trail Running.. these are my absolutely FAVORITE sports to train within. I'll help you stay healthy to enjoy these passions for years to come. If you've got a specific need, we can address it together. 


Pain Science Education

I'm passionate about helping you understand that YOU are NOT your pain. If you can learn how pain works, the adaptive benefits, and the other 'whys' I believe you can better overcome limitations. 


Soft-Tissue Therapy

The passive "feel good" stuff: cupping, scraping, active release, therapeutic massage. I do all that stuff. Often, it's paired with movement/exercise to help retrain the neural circuit. 


Optimal Performance

If you're chasing that little percent BETTER than you are, I'm all for it. Finding 'optimal' can mean improving movement mechanics, improving mobility or stability, assessing total body health and lifestyle factors, and setting specific goals to work towards.

We'll talk through all the areas I can support you during your Physical Medicine New Patient Visit. If you want to chat through a specific need before we meet in-person, book a free phone consult here

Injury Prevention + Rehab for Running, Skiing, Hiking, or whatever adventure you're chasing...

Forget what you know about Chiropractors...

At The Facility, Chiropractic Medicine cannot be "put in a box" -- your treatment will depend on your presentation, expectations, and goals. With that, a single visit may include various modalities including adjustments/manipulations, electrical stimulation, active release, cupping, Graston Technique, and corrective exercise. We operate outside of insurance networks so we are free to treat you as YOU, not as a diagnosis

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Everything is connected. Everything matters. Everybody is different. Your treatment will depend on you. 

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Everything we do is tied to clinical evidence and data. We are a young group of practitioners looking to shift the narrative of 'alternative care'. To us, that means all-encompassing care based on relevant science. We're not afraid of learning NEW things and changing our mind about old ways of doing things.

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When you leave our office, you should be better equipped to understand your own body. We believe in teaching you WHY we are doing things. You shouldn't feel like you rely on us, but rather look to us to continually learn more and improve. 

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