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Neil Rasmussen, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Neil is our intuitive body-mind care practitioner. He incorporates a unique approach to health and performance, combining massage techniques and fire cupping with meditative breath work, integrative mindfulness and functional range movement training.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science Neil brings years of experience working in both clinical and functional-fitness realms. He has built upon a functional-movement focus by completing formal training in both mindfulness coaching and manual bodywork licensure.

He initially got into health and wellness as an athlete dedicating years to performance training and nutrition, eventually earning a college football scholarship. Neil has since shifted focus to all around health, yet still carries this passion for overall human optimization.

Neil is skilled in both Eastern and Western massage techniques, and offers a full spectrum of pressure variance within his bodywork. He views bodywork as a sort of guide through the physical (as well as emotional) tensions we hold, allowing recipients to use their breath and awareness to facilitate neuromuscular relaxation.

Neil has accumulated 300+ hours of formal post-secondary mindfulness study. He has learned that through integrative mindfulness training we can vastly improve our quality of life, as well as ensure the benefit of bodywork will best carry into our daily lives. His personal practice includes years of integrating mindfulness into how we eat, how we move our body and how we experience life.

Neil grew up in Wisconsin and relocated to Colorado for the opportunities offered through the mountains, health-inspired culture and collaboration with his older brother, Dr. Rasmussen. When he is away from The Facility he enjoys time barefoot in the mountains foraging for mushrooms and other edible wild plants, training for his next Spartan race or exploring local culture.

Neil Rasmussen, LMT
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