Chiropractic / Physical Rehabilitation

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What is chiropractic?

This restorative practice of chiropractic focuses on the musculoskeletal system and nervous systems, improving mobility and pain management.

Our chiropractors can help with pain in your arms, legs, and spine. This includes chiropractic adjustments combined with manual therapies.

The chiropractic adjustment mobilizes restrictions while the soft-tissue work on the surrounding, or relevant, musculature reduces the chance of the restriction becoming chronic. 

While both the chiropractic adjustment and soft-tissue therapies work great individually, they work best in harmony.

 Physical Therapy,




Oftentimes, WHERE somebody experiences pain has very little to do with WHY they are experiencing said pain. Our clinicians understand that pain is perceived in the brain; and we assess patients from both a physical/structural perspective AS WELL AS from a neuro-biomechanical perspective.

We believe that biomechanics are important for maintaining health and wellness. We also believe that pain is one way that the body is trying to tell you that something needs to change. One of our top priorities with patients is to dig deeper than anybody else has ever dug. Regardless of what condition you may have, we assess you “tip-to-toe”. For this reason, we find our clinicians consistently yield excellent results within their respective disciplines.

Preparing a care plan to meet patient goals helps to lay the groundwork for successful movement patterns. For occupational, sports injury, or degenerative rehabilitation, our Doctors provide a comprehensive approach to restoring full function. Dr. Rasmussen and his team of movement experts will guide you through a functional rehabilitation program, both in-office and beyond. We provide physical therapy for acute and chronic injury.