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Denver Functional Medicine & Health Center

Functional Health Collective – Get Ready For Health Regeneration !

Our team of dedicated professionals is our biggest strength on your side. We provide the utmost non-pharmaceutical based approaches to wellness that we currently know. Our drive is promoting the vitality and personal empowerment of our clients to take control of their own health.

Optimum Health Through Nature – Denver, Colorado

Use the body’s self-healing mechanisms to create total health.

We are an optimization brand. We offer a well-rounded approach to total health: addressing and balancing metabolic, movement, and mindset barriers. Chiropractors, nutritionist, sports performance specialist, mindfullness instructor.

Our Vision for Holistic Wellness

We Love Well-Informed Clients

Our vision for holistic wellness includes well-informed clients, chiropractic care, optimum nutrition and nutrient supplementation, blissful sleep, methods to manage stress, exercise and movement, and using the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

YOUR Health and Wellness — OUR Vision

We will share our expertise and knowledge with YOU to help maximize your own health potential. We believe in the pursuit of healthy, long, fulfilling lives free of physical, mental, and emotional limitation. Our passion is inspiring YOU to gain and facilitate real healing processes and a lasting healthy lifestyle to permanently support yourself, your family, and our collective community.

Denver Functional Medicine Clinic Areas of Service

Functional Medicine Center in Denver,  CO

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is first and foremost holistic medicine approach taking into account the whole person, mind, body, spirit and emotions for maintaining the natural health and wellness balance you deserve. Functional medicine treatment’s goal is to discover and solve the causes of chronic disease processes.

Chiropractic Care in Denver,  CO

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic services focus on the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care restores proper motion to fixated joints and regulates nervous system input allowing improved pain management, better mobility, stability and optimized function.

Sports Performance Care in Denver,  CO

Sports Performance

Movement efficiency training is an essential foundation for optimal health.

Physical training combines therapy, functional range conditioning, recovery systems, and fundamental patterns.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Hands-on treatment utilizing a range of personalized techniques.Therapeutic modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release, Active Release, and Cupping Therapy.

Guided Mindfulness Practice

Guided Mindfulness Practice

An aligned sense of well-being starts in the mind. Improve your personal practice with directed education, guidance, and motivation.

Online Wellness Consultation

Online Wellness Consultation

Schedule a telemedicine consultation online. Try our virtual wellness consultation service using secure Telehealth web-video or via telephone meeting.

We treat the individual patient with a focus on root cause medicine.

Our multi-disciplinary approach goes beyond the symptoms and helps discover core imbalances. For those we have seen for an in-person visit, we offer remote follow-up and treatment. We also offer virtual wellness consultations, a TeleHealth service, for those interested in functional medicine, nutrition consulting, or health coaching outside of the Denver, CO area. The Facility wellness center office is located in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood.

Common Chronic Health Conditions Functional Medicine Supports

Adrenal dysfunction
Autoimmune disease
Cardiovascular disease
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic inflammation

Cognitive deficiency
Food allergies
Gastroesophageal reflex disease (GERD)

Heart Disease
Inflammatory bowel disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lipid disorders
Men’s health
Metabolic syndrome
Mood disorders
Musculoskeletal dysfunction
Neurological disorders

Pain syndrome
Panic disorders
Recurrent infections
Smoking cessation
Stress management
Thyroid disorders
Urinary problems
Weight loss
Women’s health

Colorado’s Precision Functional Medicine Team

Conveniently located near south-central Denver, CO serving Denver, Aurora, Glendale, and all of Colorado customers for functional medicine, root cause medicine focusing on the underlying causes, chiropractic, deep tissue massage therapy, and nutritional consulting with supplements.

★ Meet our Dedicated Team of Doctors, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Chiropractors, Nutritional Consultants for Optimal Health & Wellness ★

The Facility will use the minds and skills of two Chiropractors with broad and diverse clinical experience and interests. One of the chiropractors is manual/neuromuskuloskeletal-focused, while the other will be focusing on metabolic conditions and complex sensorimotor dysfunctions.

Our holistic wellness practice includes functional medicine doctors, a functional wellness coach, a movement-based performance coach, and a mindfulness-based corrective-exercise specialist to handle and provide knowledgeable, high quality care. Learn about our functional medicine program and fees to get started.

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen DC, CFMP - Denver, Colorado

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC, CFMP,
Director of Functional Medicine, Director of Movement-Based Rehabilitation

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Cullen Fahey, DC, NKT,
Director of Chiropractic & Physical Medicine

Nutrition Specialist, Denver,  CO

Kate Daugherty, BS,
Functional Nutrition Specialist

Read what The Facility Denver’s clients have to say …

“He was the first doctor that truly listened and prescribed the missing diagnosis I needed.”

“Dr. Rasmussen assisted me in setting realistic recovery and movement goals. He was the first doctor that truly listened and prescribed the missing diagnosis I needed.

His unique and patient approach set me on the path to healing, finally. He works with each patient as a whole person, not their individual injured or painful parts.”

Leslie - Denver, CO

“He helped me correct not only my physical illness, but also an autoimmune condition.”

“Through the course of my treatment, I began to realize that Dr. R saw me as a whole person, not just my injury. He set me off on a path of wellness that I never dreamt I could achieve. He helped me correct not only my physical illness, but also an autoimmune condition.

He was professional, insightful and perhaps most importantly, empathetic. His belief in me empowered me to believe in myself.”

Rachel - Denver, CO

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