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We will share our expertise and knowledge with YOU to help maximize your own health potential. We believe in the pursuit of healthy, long, fulfilling lives free of physical, mental, and emotional limitation. Our passion is inspiring YOU to gain and facilitate real healing processes and a lasting healthy lifestyle to permanently support yourself, your family, and our collective community.

Why The Facility Denver?

How We Can Help

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Chiropractic /
Movement Rehab

Correct dysfunctional movement.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine treatment’s goal is to discover and solve the causes of chronic disease processes.

Mindfulness Training

An aligned sense of well-being starts in the mind.


Hands-on treatment utilizing a range of personalized techniques.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Nerve Rebuilder, Spinal Traction.

One-on-One Movement Training

Maximize your potential by reinforcing correct movement patterns.


Virtual functional medicine and nutrition consultation using a secure online portal.



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