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We are an informed collective of health professionals who maximize our community's wellbeing through root cause medicine
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YOUR Health and Wellness — OUR Vision

Functional Health Specialists

We will share our expertise and knowledge with YOU to help maximize your own health potential. We believe in the pursuit of healthy, long, fulfilling lives free of physical, mental, and emotional limitation. Our passion is inspiring YOU to gain and facilitate real healing processes and a lasting healthy lifestyle to permanently support yourself, your family, and our collective community.

Why The Facility Denver?

INDIVIDUALITY - INNOVATION - COMMUNITY - EDUCATION We believe in personalized medicine. Treating YOU as YOU; not a diagnosis or case study. Our model allows us to spend time listening and understanding your needs as an individual. We are a young group of practitioners who are set on changing the way we view healthcare. CHANGE being key- you won't find us stuck in traditions because science and technology is advancing fast.. and we're willing to take on innovation as it comes. Once you get to know us, you're more than a patient. You are a member of our close community. We aim to continuously bring people together and provide a safe space for you to be authentic. Expect to learn the WHY of everything we do, and recommend. Keep asking questions and keep expanding your own understanding of physiology, biology, and psychology. We're doing the same.

Chiropractor Denver Functional Movement



Physical Medicine >>

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What We Do

Functional Medicine & Nutrition

The goal of functional medicine is to discover and solve the causes of chronic disease processes. 

Mental Health Therapy

Everyone deserves to feel heard. Get the support you need.


Virtual functional medicine, mental health, and nutrition consultations via a secure online portal.

Advanced Therapies

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Spinal Decompression & Traction, Nerve Rebuilder, and More.

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