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Summer Education Promo

Exclusive discount for teachers and students from Memorial Day to Labor Day

For teachers, educators, and students....

We know summer brings more flexibility in your schedule. Have you been thinking about getting started with Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, or Mental Health Therapy ?... now is the time. We're offering 25% off all New Patient Visits from Memorial Day until Labor Day just for YOU. Take advantage of the summer break to REALLY commit to your health. 


Not sure where to start? Book a free phone consult to determine the best fit for your needs at The Facility. 

Initial Visit Options--

Back to School

BONUS: Package Rates

There's MORE.. you'll also get reduced rates on pre-paid packages, which are already discounted.

  • Chiropractic 10-Pack Summer Rate: $800 ($100 savings)

  • Mental Health Therapy 10-Pack Summer Rate: $1250 ($100 savings)

  • Functional Medicine Care Plans- 20% off 

This summer promo applies for new AND established patients! 

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Ready to Get Started?
Book a Free Phone Consult to get set-up for your first appointment! 

Have other questions? 
Send us an email and we'll connect directly. 

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