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A 60+day Program for Establishing Personal Nutrition 


Follow along with Kate on this 60+ Day Program to discover your personal nutrition. Have you ever tried to do an Elimination Diet and FAILED?! One of the keys to success with therapeutic nutrition is having a clear plan in place. Kate takes you step-by-step through the Elimination Diet to address known (and unknown) food sensitivities, immune activation, and understanding your own nutrition needs.




  • Comprehensive Elimination Diet Guide (45+page PDF)- This guide provides the roadmap for overhauling your nutrition with a directed elimination and provocation. Kate gives step-by-step instructions on what foods to restrict, how to add them back in, and what to watch for. Enjoy a selection of deliciously curated recipes that correspond to each phase of the diet. 


  • Associated education- Embedded in the guide, you'll get exclusive blog posts and external resources carefully curated to complement your Elimination Diet  journey.


  • Interactive Tracking Worksheets- The included Daily Journals, Reintroduction Tracker, and Blank Templates lay out how to keep a log of your progress as you move through the program.


MAIN FOCUS: The three main goals of THE ELIMINATION DIET are to discover individual food tolerances, minimize negative physical symptoms, and address immune resilience using nutritional therapy. 


The Elimination Diet Comprehensive Guide

  • How Long Does it Take? As written, the Elimination Diet should take you about two months to progress through the Elimination Phase and structured Reintroductions. If that sounds daunting, don't worry.. The strictest Elimination is only 14 days! We'll begin reintroducing foods on Day 15- and you'll have constant novelty as more and more things are added back in. 

    What if I want to cheat? Cravings will come and go. You’ll only achieve the results of Elimination if you strictly avoid foods during the Elimination Phase and systematically reintroduce as laid out. It’s best to do it right the first time rather than having to go back and repeat the program. Typically, the first week is the most difficult. If you can push through this period while giving yourself permission to eat adequate calories, you’ll feel better!

    Is this a weight loss diet? This is not a weight loss diet. There is no calorie restriction and no time restriction on eating. This diet is a therapeutic strategy to understand your food tolerance, improve symptoms, and learn what foods work best for you. If you’re coming to this diet after months (or years) of a Standard American Diet, weight loss may be a side effect as you learn to choose real foods over processed/packaged items. If weight loss is your primary goal, reach out to Kate for Individual Nutrition Coaching. 

    Why not just do food sensitivity testing? Labs tests for food sensitivities are not reliable. Especially if you have leaky gut, autoimmune disease, or other functional bowel diseases. Although they can give quick, actionable data, blood tests do not always tell the full story. When done correctly, an elimination diet carefully observes your symptoms in connection to the foods you eat (and don’t eat). 

    Is there in-person support? This is a self-directed program with interactive links and worksheets. However, if you purchase the program you are entitled to discounts on Functional Lab Testing and further workup for Functional Medicine at The Facility. 

  • Meet Kate, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Functional Nutritionist, here to walk you through the steps of the Elimination Diet from start to finish. Kate believes in personal nutrition, and this program helps you achieve EXACTLY THAT: a personal eating strategy that works for you, longterm. If you have specific questions about the diet, or want to book a one-on-one session, reach out to the team at The Facility. 

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