What to expect as a new patient

Welcome to  the Facility

You’ll notice our ‘vibe’ is not like a traditional Chiropractic office. We believe in treating the whole patient through a combination of movement-based therapy, nutrition guidance, and mindful practice. 

While you may begin your experience with a chronic injury, we hope to create a home-base for your long-term well-being. We are young, forward-thinking, and adaptable clinicians with a focus on whole-systems healing. We envision a space where athletes, weekend-warriors, and average-Joes can continually get better-than-before. 

Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive a welcome email and intake paperwork from The Facility. Please complete this prior to your appointment, allowing for proper preparation for your visit.

When you arrive at The Facility, be ready to learn and improve.



comprehensive new patient exam

Physical Medicine” includes chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, soft tissue mobilization, and neurological assessment cases.

Before you become a new patient, you will fill out our digital new patient intake paperwork. This is an essential step in gathering the background information to treat you as an individual and provide focused care in the first visit.

During the new patient exam: one of our Doctors will perform a thorough history, as well as a baseline neurological exam. Orthopedic and Special Tests will be performed as indicated through history and initial assessment. If needed, a comprehensive movement assessment will also be performed. Depending on requirements of the patient, this first visit will be 60-75 minutes.

For movement-based therapy, please dress in athletic clothing, so Dr. Rasmussen can properly evaluate and address your injury. For many of your appointments, you will be going through various exercise drills. Each drill is meant to be a movement assessment and exam in developing a specific protocol for your condition. 

At the conclusion of your first visit, you will likely be scheduled to come back for a Report of Findings. During the Report of Findings, one of the Doctors will suggest treatment strategies and costs associated with treating your condition. An ongoing treatment plan may be provided that guides you through multi-disciplinary care towards injury solution. Our online tool may be utilized to share functional rehabilitation in the form of video instruction. 

For more information on pricing and to book, please visit our online booking site.

DrRasmussen-Functional Medicine Doctor-

functional medicine

initial consultation

Prior to your first visit, we will send you new patient paperwork to be completed. This includes a comprehensive online history form. We will also request prior medical records and the last 3-5 years of any laboratory testing which you have already completed. This gives us background information on your medical history, symptoms, past-labs, diet, supplements, medications and current concerns. We will review these documents prior to seeing you in person to best optimize your time. Once we have received your completed new patient forms, we will schedule an in-person visit at our functional medicine center. Unlike other doctor visits, this initial appointment will take time! Plan to spend 75-90 minutes with us.

In the office, Dr. Rasmussen will conduct a thorough physical examination and a full history. Our functional nutritionist, Kate, will participate in the initial visit and follow-up with a dietary inventory. At the conclusion of your first visit, Dr. Rasmussen will discuss which laboratory and biomarker analyses need to be initially performed to gain deeper insight into the root cause(s) of your concerns.

Depending on the level of complexity and current state of your symptom picture, we may or may not suggest initial dietary/lifestyle modifications as well as initial nutraceutical recommendations BEFORE initial lab results are in. This is to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Please note, many of the labs that we use take up to 21 days or more for results to be released once the test is performed. Because of this, a follow-up “Case Review” visit is to be scheduled 3-6 weeks after your initial visit. The Case Review will include a detailed Report of Findings, where our clinicians will thoroughly explain to you what we believe are the main culprits of many of your current health picture.

Taking our time to properly work-up a patient’s case yields much better results in the long-run. We will work together in collaboration to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

If you decide that you would like to proceed with care, we will outline exactly how our case management works. We will discuss case fees associated with care, completely dependent upon your current health picture.

*Case Fees can range from $1,000-$5,000, and will include treatments and therapies completely unique to YOU.


Functional medicine cases will require a varying degree of commitment. We will work our hardest to assist you as best as possible in as many ways as possible during your healing journey. True, holistic, root-cause medicine can spark amazing changes; but without your efforts and your focus, our efforts will be for naught.

Please see our frequently asked questions page for notes on laboratory tests and supplements.


treatment   plan


  • Dietary Changes

  • Pharmaceutical-grade Supplement Recommendations

  • Physical Medicine Modalities

  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMF) Sessions

  • One-on-one Mindfulness or Stress-reduction Education

  • Therapeutic Massage and Soft-Tissue Therapy

  • One-on-one Movement Rehabilitation

  • Grocery Shopping Assistance

  • Lifestyle Modifications, etc.