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Mitchell Rasmussen, DC, CFMP, FRCms

Mitchell serves as Co-Founder of the practice. He is the head of the functional/lifestyle medicine division of The Facility. 

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Dr. Rasmussen is fully certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP), having completed over 300 hours of formal functional medicine coursework. Beyond this, he has additionally completed more than 200 hours of Functional Immunology coursework; and has plans to complete a Masters of Science degree in Biochemistry- with goals of someday teaching other clinicians.

Dr. Rasmussen guides our functional medicine clinic decision making when working with complex chronic illness. He will oversee laboratory testing, collaborate with Kate for nutritional therapy prescription and supplement suggestions, and will help you game plan your way through the maladies you currently suffer from.

Dr. Rasmussen has been asking "why?" since he was a little boy. He has also been fascinated with solving problems for his entire life; and can't help but feel intense compassion for his fellow human. Functional Medicine was a perfect marriage for him - helping people with their complicated issues, while getting to never stop asking "why?".

Empowerment, Education, Empathy - these are the pillars on which he bases his life's work. He believes that whatever you are currently suffering from can be greatly ameliorated if we: find and fix enough triggers to your problems, teach you how your body works, listen to you deeply, and practice creative problem-solving. It doesn't matter as much WHAT we call the collection of issues you face (diagnosis). What matters more is WHY you're having these issues.

Diagnose the biology; not the named disease. That is his main focus.

During his graduate studies, Mitchell spent much of his free time engaging in Functional Medicine curriculums. He was in a Doctor of Chiropractic program; all the while knowing he was never going to be a clinician who did the thing (adjusting) that most think of when they hear "Chiropractor". His Chiropractic curriculum provided for him a foundation as a Primary Care provider, teaching him the art and science of physical diagnosis, physical examination, and neurological diagnosis; and he was able to not spend time focusing on things like adjusting people's spines. Instead - he spent the bulk of his graduate studies deep in the biochemistry, belief sets, and immune system function that we as human beings tend to present with.


After graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Rasmussen spent several years honing his craft as a combination Functional Medicine/movement-based chiropractor before founding The Facility Denver with his long-time friend and fellow nerd, Kate. 


Outside of the clinic, Mitchell enjoys reading non-fiction while relaxing in his hammock, going on as many hikes as possible, cooking a hearty cast-iron meal, or sampling local coffee roasters. He is a comedy-fiend and gets his sports fix with MMA.

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