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Functional Nutrition is a personal approach to dieting. It utilizes food as medicine to restore balance, replenish nutrient deficiencies, repair the gut, and address internal dysfunction. It optimizes your health based on your individual genetics, lab results, lifestyle, and current practices. There are no cookie-cutter options, because each person is unique. 


Our functional nutritionist works hand-in-hand with a functional medicine doctor to manage patient care. We may use personalized lab testing to learn about how your immune system is reacting, how your gut barrier is functioning, and what internal imbalance may be at play. Additionally, nutrient testing is used to assess underlying vitamin or mineral deficiencies. With these results, we develop a personalized diet to reduce inflammation, heal the gut, and alleviate symptoms. 


A nutrient dense, whole food based diet rich in fruits, vegetables and minimal processed foods is a great foundation. However, some patients require specific therapeutic interventions eliminating or including certain foods to treat the underlying cause of their health issues. 


After a period of elimination, we may look to specific foods or supplements to further restore and heal the gut. This includes anti-inflammatory foods, gut-targeted compounds like glutamine or prebiotics, alongside targeted supplements to replete nutrient deficiencies and support biochemical function


Functional nutrition is a fundamental for root cause medicine, but there is more to whole-body health than what you eat. Thus, the functional medicine model relies on doctor, nutritionist, and lifestyle support such as stress mitigation and sleep optimization. These factors play a role in your health and your nutrition. For example, your sleep and stress levels affect how food is digested and absorbed in the body! We may recommend nutritional supplements to help your body cope with added stress. At The Facility, a functional nutrition plan can be paired with stress management directed by Neil, our mindfulness coach. 


Importantly, we pay attention to your unique position to craft a nutrition plan that is realistic for your lifestyle and goals, while also reducing symptoms and restoring balance to the body. You are unique. You have your own genetic composition, health history, and habits. Your nutrition plan should be unique to your individual body too! 

Functional Nutrition Consultations

Initial Consultation (60 min) : Extensive "nutrition history" and diet inventory followed by discussion of goals, expectations, and challenges of daily diet. Kate will provide recommended initial dietary strategy and resources for implementation. [$150] Book Here

Follow-Up Consultation (45 min): Re-evaluation of progress, goals, and challenges. This is a time to ask questions, get support, and make changes based on dietary experience. Suitable for any current nutrition patient who needs a "reset" and may follow an initial appointment by 2-4 weeks. Includes follow-up email with dietary, supplement, and lifestyle plan. [$105] Book Here