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Personal Training

Functional Movement Training at The Facility is more than just getting the body composition you want. Instead, we take a deeper approach to movement science- how are you FEELING in workouts? how are you RECOVERING from workouts? how are you PROGRESSING in your fitness? 

Everything is connected - Everything matters - Everybody is different.

What To Expect 

When you show up to move at The Facility- be ready to learn and improve. The foundation of our practice is education. This is how the movement coaches go above and beyond personal fitness. They'll assess how you are moving; and each program will be specifically tailored to your goals. Newbies and experienced athletes alike have room for improvement; we're here to gently encourage that progress. 

The Process

Begin with an Initial Fitness Assessment (it's free!) . You'll get a chance to meet certified personal trainer, Aaron Nelson, talk goals, and experience his training 'style'. While you're here, Aaron can discuss package options, including combinations of nutrition+training or chiropractic+training. 


About The Gym Space

At our Cherry Creek location, the fully equipped movement room is outfitted with the newest models from Rep Fitness. This includes dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, cross-over symmetry, and resistance bands. Accessory items include slam balls, BOSU ball, boxes, a concept 2 rower and a custom weight-lifting platform. Our rehab space includes a turf area for conditioning and small-group classes such as Yoga, Kinstretch, and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

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