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A simple mobility routine you can do right at the skate park before you ride. Waking up the central nervous system with activation, mobility, and stability can help prevent common injuries at the ankle, hip, knee, and shoulder joints.

"It's not the activity that hurts you, it's the activity that you're not prepared for that does"

Why Pre-Hab?

key injury prevention...

Let's be honest, skateboarding isn't the gentlest of sports. You tend to ride hard and take big risks

The pre-hab (or warm-up) may be the most fundamental aspect of any skate session. If you can spend time connecting your mind and body, you're less likely to injure yourself. A good routine can take 10 minutes or less; and the more you do it the more natural the movement pattern becomes. 

Mobility Tools for Skateboarding

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Mobility Tools

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About the Docs

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Dr. Matt Weaver, DC

Chiropractic, Sports Rehab, Soft-Tissue Therapy

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC

Director of Functional Medicine & Movement Specialist

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