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Tennis Pre-Hab

A quick warm-up routine you can do right at the Tennis club or on the court before you play. Waking up the central nervous system with activation, mobility, and stability can help prevent common injuries at the elbow, ankle, hip, knee, and shoulder joints.

"It's not the activity that hurts you, it's the activity that you're not prepared for that does"

Why Pre-Hab?

be like Federer...

As Dr. DebRoy explains, you'll notice Roger Federer is rarely injured because he has such great movement patterns. He looks so graceful on the court because he's going through natural gliding motions. A top-notch tennis player isn't forcing the power; but rather using their mechanics in the smartest way. 

For amateur tennis players, the pre-hab (or warm-up) may be the most fundamental aspect of any practice. If you can spend time connecting your mind and body, you're less likely to injure yourself in play. A good routine can take 10 minutes or less; and the more you do it the more natural the movement pattern becomes. 

About the Docs

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen

Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC

Director of Functional Medicine & Movement Specialist

Dustin Debroy_DC_DenverChiropractor_edited.jpg

Dr. Dustin DebRoy

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Soft-Tissue Therapy

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