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A Better Oat Milk: Willa's Kitchen

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

by Kate Daugherty, M.S., Functional Nutritionist

What makes Willa's Oat Milk the healthiest oat milk on the market?

In a recent Instagram post, I discussed the negative implications of a food product marketed as health food. Too often, we are inundated by marketing ploys pushing products as “healthy alternatives” despite documented evidence against included ingredients.

The alternative milk industry has exploded as Americans eschew dairy in favor of plant-based options. Oat milk is a popular choice as it provides the same creamy texture, slightly sweet flavor profile, and satiating qualities of cow’s milk.

However, most oat “milk” is a grain product that has been stripped and heavily processed into a disaccharide called maltose, yielding a higher glycemic index than white sugar. The real toxic potion is created when vegetable oil and chemical preservatives are added. 🤮

‼️To put this into context: ONE 8-oz SERVING (about the amount in a small latte) of processed-grain oat milk has about the same amount of canola oil as a serving of French fries AND similar impact on blood sugar as drinking a Coca-Cola. ‼️

PLEASE understand that (most) food PRODUCTS are not health food. The food industry is getting more creative and deceptive in their marketing tactics.


In response to comments and questions...


Especially for OAT MILK FANATICS, I have some answers…

Willa’s Oat Milk makes a conscious effort to keep the whole grain oat intact. This involves less processing, less waste, and less sugar. Read more about What Makes whole grain oat healthier?

Using the entire oat (the bran, the germ, AND the endosperm) yields higher nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in addition to natural prebiotics and fiber. The included oat fiber slows the absorption and conversion to sugar, preventing a blood glucose spike and consequent rise in insulin. A stable blood sugar keeps you satiated and steady (no post-prandial crash).

A small amount of oil is added to shelf-stable oat milks to keep the oats and water from separating. Oil is an emulsifying agent. However, rapeseed oil (commonly known as canola oil) is a highly modified vegetable oil that is particularly inflammatory. In fact, polyunsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils directly contribute to oxidation and cellular damage within our bodies.

Vegetable oils like Canola Oil (or Rapeseed Oil) directly contribute to inflammatory processes in the body.

The emulsifying oil used in Willa’s Oat Milk is non-GMO organic sunflower oil. High oleic sunflower oil is free from pesticides (like glyphosate), and very high in monounsaturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated fatty acids are the anti-inflammatory “healthy” fats.

Additionally, Willa’s Oat Milk is free from other common additives like phosphates and carrageenan. These can negatively affect digestive health and are best strictly avoided.

Willa's Creamy and Willa's Barista have 3 g of sugar per cup (1g from the whole oats, 2g from cane sugar).

While I recommend avoiding added sugar, Willa's blends are lower in sugar than other oat milk brands (which have 8-10g sugar per cup!)


Willa’s Unsweetened Original is a stripped-down version of commercially produced oat milk. It keeps the whole grain intact, has no added sugar (only 1g of sugar from the oats), and contains no inflammatory oils or preservatives.


Willa's Oat Milk keeps the whole grain oat intact, has no added sugar, and contains no inflammatory oils or preservatives.

In a time when shopping from home is the dominant choice, Willa’s fits the bill. You can now order Willa’s Organic Oat Milk from home, and it is even available for purchase on Amazon ! How easy is that!

While I always recommend REAL, WHOLE FOODS as the foundation of our diet, this is an indulgence to consider. (Yes, even as a nutritionist, I allow myself certain indulgences!)

A creamy, frothy, dreamy oat milk latte or matcha latte can be a reality without the guilt and health consequence!



What's your pick?

Beetroot Latte - Matcha Green Tea Latte - Golden Turmeric Latte


Want to work with a functional nutritionist to personalize your diet? Struggling with hormone imbalance, IBS, weight gain, mood changes? Let's look at FOOD FIRST. Read more about Functional Nutrition at The Facility here.

CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE 15-Minute Nutrition Consult with Kate to determine your best course of action!


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