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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

by Aaron Nelson, CPT, Cherry Creek Personal Trainer

Working with a Personal Trainer can be a big step in your fitness development. A coach can give you direction, enhance motivation/commitment, and be a resource to learn from. At The Facility, education is a powerful driver of our practice. That means ensuring every patient or client understands WHY they are doing what they are doing and HOW it impacts their longterm health.

Here are my top reasons to work with a personal trainer...

  1. Motivation & Accountability. We can’t always rely on motivation alone to stick to our workout regimen. It requires a degree of discipline and habit- especially for those days we just don’t feel like doing it. Having a set appointment with a personal trainer gives you some accountability; it’s no longer just yourself you’re letting down when you don’t show up. Money can be a powerful motivator as well, if you know you’re spending money for the time in the gym it makes you want to use that time effectively!

Motivation essentially relies on feeling, whereas self-discipline is built on habits.” ― Gideon

personal trainer cherry creek Denver Aaron nelson

2. Learn the Proper Form and Mechanics. Working with a personal trainer can be very effective for learning proper movement mechanics and form in exercises. This is important to prevent injury, establish resiliency, and properly engage muscles for growth. If you’ve been doing the same moves for years without any progress, perhaps its worth dialing in your mechanics in that movement. Are you going to the correct depth in your squat? Is your back staying aligned in heavy lifts? A personal trainer can be a non-judgemental coach to point out your insufficiencies.

3. Learn how to structure workouts and how to program effectively. Particularly if you have specific goals (like hiking a 14er or crushing the ski hill), a personal trainer can help structure and program workouts to acheive a baseline level of fitness that fits your lifestyle. A coach will manipulate things like frequency, intensity, duration, and type of workout to help you get the most out of your time in the gym. Further, for those new to exercise, a trainer can teach you how to monitor intensity and push your limits safely. If working out at home is your goal, a personal trainer can help design a program that fits your schedule whether in-person or on your own.

One-on-one personal trainer in Cherry Creek

4. Break through plateaus and change-up stimulus. If you’ve been working out on your own and not reaching your goals, it may be time to work with a personal trainer. Even for the advanced athlete, a coach can look at your current routine and offer suggestions to make it more efficient and effective. By changing up your workout stimulus, adding new movements, or adjusting intensity a personal trainer offers an outside perspective on what you’ve been doing. (You may only need a few sessions to breakthrough and get back on your own routine!)

“The cornerstone of functional training and rehabilitation is to train movements, not muscles.” -Vern Gambetta

5. Establish a relationship. Having a personal trainer to answer your questions, settle your worries, and EDUCATE can change the relationship you have with exercise. It takes away the “unknown” and provides a clear resource when you’re overwhelmed. Finding a coach you trust and respect can be a process. Book a Free Fitness Assessment with Aaron to see if he's a good fit for you!

Denver Personal Trainer Aaron Nelson in Cherry Creek

Exercise can be as personal as nutrition. The best exercise program for YOU is one that you enjoy. Find a personal trainer who can help bring excitement and energy to your workouts. Aaron works with your individual limitations (injuries, mobility) to craft a plan that enhances your physical fitness.

I believe that exercise is the best self-care. Need help putting yourself first? Reach out.

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Aaron Nelson, CPT coaches clients in-person at The Facility in Cherry Creek, Denver, CO. He offers one-on-one personal training and custom built workout programming.

Learn more about Aaron's Philosophy here.

Ready to get started?

Book a FREE Fitness Assessment with Aaron to see if he is a good fit for you!


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