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8 Low-FODMAP Dinner Ideas

by Kate Daugherty, MS, Functional Nutritionist

Dietary change is one of the first treatment interventions for functional bowel disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Leaky Gut, and Dysbiosis. With my patients, I often implement an elimination diet like the low-FODMAP diet. I have helped individuals successfully identify and pinpoint their specific dietary triggers, which leads to many other positive lifestyle changes.

However, I will admit that the low-FODMAP diet may seem daunting. My goal as a nutritionist is to give you hope, optimism, encouragement, and guidance you need to start stepping your way into a holistic lifestyle that supports your physical, mental, and emotional health. I believe in the immense healing power of food and nutrition. There is no quick-fix for GI issues, but you can take action to live a healthy, vibrant life and feel well again.

I use the low-FODMAP approach because the majority of patients see a dramatic reduction in their signs and symptoms in as few as 15 to 30 days with the implementation of the diet. Those who are truly suffering from a condition triggered by unknown food sensitivities see relief the quickest.

I want you to truly enjoy the low-FODMAP diet (or any elimination diet) as it helps you find lasting relief from your most challenging symptoms. By eliminating or restricting the most fermentable foods from the diet, the low-FODMAP allows the body to reduce the constant inflammatory response, to promote gut healing, and to rest and recover. After the elimination period, foods are reintroduced one at a time to identify any negative responses. This process allows individuals to get a clear picture of what their specific dietary triggers are, without the need to restrict all major food groups for the long term.

The goal of the protocol is not to eliminate these foods from your life forever. By avoiding certain trigger foods for a length of time, you are allowing the body to heal. During the elimination phase, it is just as important to enjoy meals filled with nourishing, nutrient-dense foods as it is to restrict inflammatory foods.

Need an update on the Yes and No low-FODMAP list?

One of the biggest questions I get from patients is, “What Do I eat for Dinner?” Good question. Fermentable carbohydrates are off-limits, and many familiar spices like garlic and onions are best avoided.

Here are 8 garlic-free, gluten-free, saccharide-free, lactose-free, low-FODMAP compliant dinner ideas to fuel your day.

However, there are many, many things to eat! Forget what “dinner food” means… and try a warm cup of bone broth or a satisfying plate of ground bison and butternut squash! The low-FODMAP protocol is restrictive, but by no means does it need to be boring.

8 Low-FODMAP Dinner Ideas (That aren't boring!)

#2 Lemon Chicken and Rice Skillet (by Fun Without FODMAPs)

#3 Instant Pot Beef Stew (by Bites of Wellness)

#4 Avocado Pesto Pasta (by GF Jules)

#5 Sheet Pan Plank Steak and Potatoes (by Rachel Paul's Food)

#6 Smoothie

Green Smoothie (by Kate Daugherty, that's me!)

#7-8 Low-FODMAP Buddha Bowl

Quinoa Sweet Potato Bowl (by Karlijns Kitchen)

or Rainbow Bliss Bowl (by Fun without FODMAPs)

Bonus Ideas: Leftovers! Bone Broth!

Save yourself time and effort with batch cooking and meal prep. Got some leftover soup from the night before? Perfect! Mixed green salad? Go for it! I also have many patients who prefer to end the day with a warm mug of bone broth (learn how here). The benefit of working with a nutritionist is that we can talk through your specific strategies and what fits best with your lifestyle.


Interested in Kate's low-FODMAP Guide?! Get a seven day meal plan, recipes, and tips for the Low FODMAP Diet here.



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