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Q&A With Dr. Matt Weaver!

Dr. Matt Weaver, DC joined The Facility Team in September. He's a perfect complement to our practice, and he's already fueling ideas, inspiring more collaboration, and just plain adding some FUN.

Dr. Matt Weaver DC Chiropractor Denver CO Cherry Creek


Matt was born and raised in the great state of Texas. From Texas, Matt attended Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO on a baseball scholarship for 2 years before he transferred to the University of North Texas to finish out his Bachelors in Kinesiology. After finishing up his undergraduate degree, Matt took a year off to travel before entering the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Western States.

Matt’s professional passion is working with people to help them understand pain, reduce injury risk, and increase physical performance. Matt thinks that the future of healthcare is one that is relational, collaborative, and patient-centered. He especially enjoys working with weekend warriors and endurance athletes.

Matt and his beautiful wife Maddie are excited to be back in the Denver area with their golden retriever, Oates (named after Hall and Oates).

Get To Know Matt - Q&A

My Practice Philosophy: I think that my role in healthcare is to be a guide and a collaborator. I want to help people understand their pain, understand how to get out of it, and understand how to cope with it. I believe in honest care and advice to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

What I’m Passionate About: Spreading good, truthful information. I want my patients to feel they are listened to, heard, and valued. I want to change people's minds about healthcare, providing a safe space to get advice and direction.

How I Can Help: Whether you come to me with an acute injury, chronic pain, or looking to optimize your performance, I can help you with real-time application both in and out of my office. I want to empower you towards self-improvement by teaching you the tools, not being a crutch.

What to Expect In your First Visit: We'll spend time getting to know each other, review your history, assess current symptoms, and I'll do a physical exam. If there are no contraindications, treatment is included in your first visit. Expect to be listened to, to be throughly evaluated, and have completely devoted one-on-one time.

My Favorite Thing about being a Chiropractor: The reason I got into it was the relational aspect.. I love helping people. In the alternative wellness space, I have more freedom to help from a more systemic/whole-body level. <<See More about my Chiropractic thoughts>>

How I Define Self-Care: True self care looks different for each individual. I think it means prioritizing the things that fill your cup. For me, it's less about bubble baths and spas and more about getting outside in nature, pushing my physical limits, and expanding my mindset.

When I’m Not at Work, You’ll Find Me: Probably in the mountains or at a brewery or a coffee shop. Skiing, climbing, trail running, biking.. "all that stuff". I'm stoked for another winter season in Colorado! Catch me shredding on Tuesdays.

Denver Chiropractor Dr. Matt Weaver DC The Facility

Whether you’re dealing with an injury (sports, car accident, life) or looking to enhance your physical performance, Dr. Matt can help you. He sees patients at both our Cherry Creek Clinic and our South Broadway Clinic. Click here to see availability.

I'm not here to fix. I'm here to guide.

Have a specific need or question about Chiropractic Services? Reach out!

What Questions Do YOU Have for Dr. Matt? Leave them in the comments, we read it all !

Dr. Matt Weaver - Denver Chiropractor - Sports Rehab - Mountain Athletes

Dr. Matt Weaver, DC sees patients in-person at The Facility in Cherry Creek and The Facility on South Broadway. He offers chiropractic services for a range of conditions.

Learn more about Matt's Philosophy here.

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