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When Is The Time for Therapy?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

by Kristen Milliron, LCSW, Denver Mental Health Therapist

The decision to reach out for help from a professional therapist can be daunting. Are you broken if you need therapy? NO! Often, making the decision to call is the hardest one. Once you meet your therapist, begin working through the challenges, and making progress toward a more balanced mental state: you'll realize therapy is for EVERYONE at EVERY STAGE.

MentalHealth Therapist in Denver Colorado when to seek a therapist and how to find one

Need a quick inventory of your current mental state?....

check the ones that apply

[] when you feel nobody gets you

[] when you feel you're between a rock and hard place

[] when you feel you can’t say no

[] when you have given so much you have lost yourself

[] when you feel there are no good options

[] when you feel no matter what you choose you lose

[] when you feel you can't trust anyone

[] when there's nothing to look forward to

[] when you're so anxious you can’t breath

[] when it seems impossible things will ever get better

[] when you can't let go of the hurt from your past

[] when you feel guilty all the time

[] when you can't stop drinking or using

[] when your anger is causing you problems

[] when you feel life is passing you by and you have nothing to show for it

[] when you feel lost and alone and no one cares

[] when you wake up in the middle of the night terrified in a cold sweat

[] when the pain inside never stops

[] when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired

[] when there is something you need to talk about but it never seems like the right time

[] when you have tried everything including therapy and nothing works

[] when you have used up all your energy coping

[] when you feel exhausted all the time

[] when you have lost interest in things you use to enjoy.

[] when it feels like everyone is against you

When is the time?

All these situations and feelings have one thing in common, you feel powerless. You have tried everything and nothing works. When you feel defeated, discouraged and disappointed, that's when you should seek therapy. At The Facility, I have powerful tools that I can teach you to empower your life. I can help you make the changes you want in your life. Together we can turn things around and you can move forward with peace, hope and passion.

The time is Now!

If you checked one or more on the list call me at 720-432-3552 or visit our website.

I offer more than talk therapy, because it takes more than talking about it to heal your past and change your life. Talking will only get you so far. To make the changes you want takes skills; skills that I can teach you and can be easily learned.

You have thought about it and have been putting it off.

Now is the time, you have suffered long enough.

During our therapy sessions, you will learn:

● The drive to create change in your life is not what you think.

● The secrets of communication that build connection with people you care about.

● The source of all conflict and how to avoid it.

● How to rapidly defeat your anxiety and depression.

● And the ONE SKILL that can change all of your relationships.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” -Henry Ford


There are many good Therapists and Therapy in the Denver area to choose from.

Why choose Kristen Milliron?

Kristen Milliron, Denver Mental Health Therapist, New Clients at The Facility Denver
Kristen Milliron, LCSW

○ Because I offer more than talk therapy.

○ Because I can teach you powerful skills to change your life.

○ Because I practice therapy that research has shown to be effective.

○ Because you deserve the best.

○ Because together we can defeat your anxiety and depression.

○ Because you have waited long enough: now is the time.

Talk Therapy at The Facility Denver_ Cherry Creek Therapist Available Now

Call 720-432-3552 or visit our website to learn more and book a free phone consultation.


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