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A Rightful Place within our Holistic Wellness Practice

by Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen, DC, CFMP, FRC-ms

We have been partnered with Rightful since before they launched their first product. The team came to us with a simple solution to one of our most common patient problems: How can we bridge the gap for people who come here for Physical Medicine care? Rightful provided the solution: A valuable bridge between the Physical Medicine and Functional Medicine wings of our practice.

As a wellness and optimization brand, we like to view YOU as a whole. You might come in for physical medicine care with Dr Fahey; say an elbow complaint or plantar fasciitis. Or you might come see Neil for guided mindfulness sessions as your primary interest for care. Or maybe you are only interested in PEMF and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (all things our office provides with precision and care) for a recent disc herniation you may have recently suffered. Regardless of WHY you came in; as a team looking at you fully, we can say for certain that underlying biochemical dysfunction absolutely is contributing to your case.

Read: INFLAMMATION. This is the name of the game; and a sexy new topic in the health and optimization sphere, as well as medicine.

As a Doctor and a Functional Medicine Practitioner; I would love it if every single one of our patients could sit with Kate for a diet inventory and subsequent customized food consumption plan. We could order labs on all of you; directly assessing your inflammatory status, micronutrient levels, environmental toxic burden, stress chemistry, GI terrain, etc. BUT – we know that this path is not possible for every one of our patients. (Read more about lab testing at The Facility here).

Until we met the team at Rightful, we were struggling to find a way to help patients who come in for Physical Medicine complaints (strains, sprains, tears, etc) also work on their underlying stress physiology and inflammation on a fundamental level. It gets expensive for patients to run labs; and oftentimes, for whatever reason, people are hesitant to commit to an entire lifestyle change.

SO – Here is one place where Rightful finds it niche within our practice.

Rightful’s “For Pain & Recovery” formula is two separate formulas; AM and PM. The AM formula is consumed first thing in the morning, and the PM formula is taken before bed. Each dose is one ounce, and Rightful even gives you a sturdy stainless-steel shot glass with clear markings for how much you’re putting in the glass.

For Pain & Recovery replaces as many as 20 pills to get similar doses as what is offered in these twice daily and super convenient shots of super nutrition. Personally, as somebody who has been dutifully taking Rightful for many months. I appreciate the simplicity of the system.

Compliance is key. We could devise the best lifestyle plan imaginable. If it is too complex, oftentimes patients just get discouraged. When you are seeking care for whatever chronic ache or pain you have; there is ALWAYS an emotional and mental component. The less we overwhelm these patients; the better success we have found they can have. Rightful is so easy here.

We are extremely science-based. This is another place where Rightful shines. They’ve clearly done their homework! All of the active ingredients in For Pain & Recovery are nutrients we frequently recommend for our patients.

To give you an idea, For Pain & Recovery has been scientifically developed to treat pain closer to its core (INFLAMMATION), as well as to help your body experience more resilience to the stress which is so ubiquitous in our society today.

How does For Pain & Recovery address your stress?

Adaptogens are a key part of For Pain & Recovery. Adaptogens are fascinating compounds, and a topic we will be diving more into in the near future. BUT – Suffice it to say that adaptogens are naturally occurring compounds (roots, herbs, fungi, etc) which have the unique ability in helping your body better respond to stress. Often, in this day and age, we are unable to completely remove ourselves from that daily stress. This means we need to build up resiliency to deal with it! For Pain & Recovery has a nice assortment of effective adaptogens.

The adaptogens, plus the other ingredients found in For Pain & Recovery, are specifically formulated to address your PAIN, SLEEP, INFLAMMATION, MOOD, and ENERGY.

Do any of those above needs sound like anything you’re currently experiencing?

If so, we would love to get you started on this simple, time-saving, and super-effective protocol.

In-House Special* for the Month of March: Try your first 4-week supply of Rightful for $99! ($51 off retail)

*Must Purchase in-person at THE FACILITY in Denver, Colorado. Valid while supplies last.


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Dr. Mitchell Rasmussen - Doctor of Chiro
Kate Daugherty - Nutritionist - Function
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