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The Best Spotify Playlist for Any Workout Style: Curated by Our Friends

by Aaron Nelson, CPT, Cherry Creek Personal Trainer

Music is scientifically proven to increase strength, speed, and agility. OK, maybe not "scientifically proven"... but it's an anecdotal fact. My workout music varies depending on my focus. Sometimes I need strong lyrics to carry me through, and sometimes I just need a beat to keep me moving.

The perfect workout playlist all depends on the activity at hand. You wouldn't listen to heavy metal during yoga (or would you?). To find the best workout playlist for however YOU like to move, I've asked a few of our friends and partners to share their go-to jams.

Recommended playlists from our friends, for ANY way you like to move...

Trainer at AKT Cherry Creek
Heather McGuigan, AKT

1. Dance Jams - AKT Cherry Creek Master Trainer, Heather McGuigan, keeps things lively with high-tempo music and strong female leads. This playlist is made for our DANCE class, a mixed class with choreography and strength aspects.

My playlist? Dance: Cross-Cross (2.28.22)


Jeremiah Davidson, Black Swan Yoga

2. Slow It Down - Black Swan / TruFusion Yoga teacher, Jeremiah Davidson, chooses a playlist for mind-body connection and calming down. There are many styles of yoga, and music can range from silence to energetic. I like to accompany the flow with an upbeat playlist that naturally transitions with the sequence to more meditative melodies. This is best for a Vinyasa-style practice.

My playlist? Yoga Flow 2022

Jerry Gallegos, Jr., CoreProgression

3. Rep It Out - CoreProgression South Broadway, general manager, Jerry Gallegos, Jr., chooses a playlist that inspires the strength within. Often, it's client dependent. Since we're doing 1-on-1 training, I frequently change things up based on who is in the gym. When there's no consensus, I go with classic rock jams. Cue the AC/DC

My playlist? Classic Rock Workout

Emily & Brandon Wiseman, BeWise Fitness

4. Family-Friendly - Be Wise Fitness owners, Brandon and Emily, are frequently working out with a young one in tow. The best example for your kids is to let them see you prioritizing movement and get them involved. Many of our clients are parents navigating family-life balance, so a clean playlist is key. (And, yes, there's a Baby Shark remix in there)

Our Playlist? Family Workout Mix


Harry Glor, Primal Performance

5. TikTok Trends - Primal Performance owner, Harry Glor, caters to the high-school performance athlete (#genZ). There's no question, TikTok is a huge part of their lives. Their music preferences are driven by what's trending. When they're at the gym, I try to give them some real CULTURE by playing 90s Rap.

My Playlist? 90s Gangsta Greatest Hits


Exercise can be as personal as nutrition. The best exercise program for YOU is one that you enjoy. Music is just the same. Find your jams, get in the zone, and get moving! Have a favorite playlist to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Motivation essentially relies on feeling, whereas self-discipline is built on habits.” ― Gideon

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